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Its all about handmade...

Welcome to our website, here at London Encaustic we really believe that handmade is best. Every tile you find here is made by hand, by skilled artisans from Portugal to Morocco. If you're looking for mass produced tiles then thanks for coming, but this isn't for you. All the tiles here are individual, beautiful and we think special. Let your imagination flow with our tile simulator - where you can let your inner designer come to life, giving you the chance to custom design your cement tiles to make them perfect for your project. Or see what we have in stock from our massive collection which can be at your door in 10 days. Maybe you'd like the choices available in our glazed terracotta collection, with over 100 different colours and a range of shapes available. If you like a more exotic vibe, then check out our zellige tiles, hand made in Morocco using ancient technique - the shimmering surfaces are a real head turner and will make you the talk of the town!